With the trend of things in the marketplace, knowledge of a programming language will set apart any worker/applicant from the midst of the pack. Java is the programming language number one, that’s why Java specialists are greatly in demand. And with a certification in Java from such a reputable organization as Oracle marks you as a skillful professional ready to get the position you are applying for. So, you are a real plum for your employers. If you have settled on becoming a Java programmer with the Oracle certification, you have to make some efforts in order to reach your goals. Let’s discuss more the Java Certification paths:

Java Certification Levels

Oracle Certified Associate (OCA):
If you are someone very new to IT or Java certification, then OCA is one of paths for you to start your career right away. Which allows you to be an OCA Java Programmer 1 (OCAJP), after passing the exam. For that, you first need to take a Java SE 8 training in order to get some practical skills, and then to pass 1Z0-808 exam. The Oracle Certified Associate, Java Se 8 Programmer credential is an entry-level certification that will help you develop Java applications.


Oracle Certified Professional (OCP):
To grow in Java application development, it is essential for an associate to become a real professional and gain the OCP, Java SE 8 Programmer II certification. For that, you need to pass one more exam, known as 1Z0-809 by code. The exam includes 85 questions, that should be sone within 150 minutes. In order to pass, you need to score 65%. If you decide to take your IT career to a high level, earning this credential is the right choice. 

If you are interested in working with Java EE software platform that requires your skills and knowledge of the Java programming language, used as its basis, you can opt for the following credentials.

Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)/ Java EE:
The Oracle Certified Professional, Java EE 7 Application Developer Certification is of the expert level. It testifies your programming skills to develop and work with applications based on the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 7. Being such an expert requires from your top-notch skills. To get this credential, you need to pass 1Z0-900 exam.

Oracle Certified Master (OCM):
The final destination of the Java certification path ends here. After getting OCM the master person gets more responsibilities like design and architect Java Platform. Becoming an OCM and getting the Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certification is quite complicated. You have to
take 7 steps to reach the goal. Three steps of them include passing 3 exams, which are 1Z0-807, 1Z0-865 and 1Z0-866.


The starting point There are so many exams Oracle offers to its candidates to make their career better and help people to become certified professionals. For that, Oracle designed the certification paths to follow and ease that way. So, each exam that should be taken has its own certification path. For
example, if you want to become OCP (Oracle Certified Professional) and get its Java SE programmer 8 II certification, you first have to be OCA certified, by passing 1Z0-808 test. After that, you are allowed to opt for 1Z0-809 exam.

The first action that you are expected to take is to observe the exam topics. This you can achieve by clicking on a link on the vendor’s official website where you will get all the topics delivered to you. Here, take your time to preview the recommended training that comes with each of the exam topics on offer. What is the additional training that you will need? It is important to get all the stats right and know every requirement before you pick any of the listed courses.

How to become Oracle Certified?
It’s not easy for any person to pass Oracle exams in order to be an Oracle Certified Professional. The process needs proper dedication and more concentration on studies and quality study materials. The first thing you should do is to study all the material recommended by Oracle itself. Here you’ll find practice tests and free sample questions. Then, you can search for the optional study material for your exam preparation.

Here is a list which will help you to learn how you can become an Oracle certified individual and can get the related credential.

1. Online Training: Exam-labs.com, this name is good enough to take high quality training courses. The video courses provided on this great platform have been designed
by top IT experts and allow you to start learning anytime and anywhere. So if you are looking to get an Oracle certification be it the associate level or master, Exam-labs and its online study material will play a huge role. In addition, Exam-labs offers you a great collection of valid exam dumps at the best industry prices.

2. Subscriptions: If you need to get the most updated study materials, there are so many websites available which offer subscriptions for study materials for a limited time. For example, Exam-labs offers you to get unlimited access to all premium files. On the website, you can choose the term that suits you most. For a month, several months, or a year.

3. Books: Becoming an Oracle certified is not just a cup of tea for everyone. You should start from getting a study guide which covers all the exam objectives. Some can contain
the online interactive learning environment with practice tests and flashcards. Studying the main and optional books will make your exam preparation more efficient.

Take action
You will not achieve your desired goal if you do not take action on what you have learned through the seminars and the related packages that you have invested in. If success is what you really planned for, then you have to go all the way by practicing past exam papers. Practice makes perfect, you will need it if you are to achieve all your goals in becoming a real professional. It will interest you to know that in most cases, there are recurring questions in the exams. You will, therefore, do yourself a lot of good because practicing such questions will give you the insight of what is waiting for you at the exam.

Before starting your preparation, define the time allocated for the exam. Planning is key to your success. Distribute the time to use all the study resources you’ve found and cover all the exam objectives. Leave the time for revision of the learned material, find the gaps and fill them. The VCE Player offered by Exam-labs is a great tool for that. Along with tracking and improving your results, it allows you to get the skills in managing your time at the exam. So, plan your time

What is new in the latest version of Java
After taking all the steps so far discussed above, it is important to look in the direction of the current happenings in the world of Java. Technology is not static, it changes with each passing second of the day; to be on top of the situation during your exams, you are expected to check on the latest happenings in the industry. With the foreknowledge of the latest version of Java, you will be on the right path that will give you all expectations in full when the chips are down.
Get to know the latest trends in the following: new Date/Time API; current Default and Static Methods in Interface as well as Simple Lambda expressions. Make sure you are leaving nothing to chances. 

In this article, you get to know how to become a Java Programmer and earn the Oracle certifications in this field. In addition, you know the tips on how to prepare for any Oracle certification exam from scratch to finish. Plan your time wisely and use the reliable material from Exam-labs website. Wish you good luck!

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