Answer all the quiz questions correctly, you will be entitled for a lucky draw which will be carried out among all the participants who have answered that particular question correctly

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Q1) What does the word ‘Buddha’ mean?
Answer – Awakened One or Enlightened One

Q2) Which country recently launched an underwater military museum? It displays decommissioned military vehicles & equipment including tanks, cranes and a helicopter, at depths reaching upto 92 meters.
Answer – Jordan

Q3After the successful launch of Chandrayaan-2, ISRO has announced its first mission to the study the surface of the sun. It will be launched in 2020. What is the mission called?
Answer – Aditya-L1

Q4) What does 1,048,576 bytes equal?
Answer – A megabyte

Q5Where did the large loose garment known as the ‘poncho’ originate?
Answer – South America

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