You answer all the test questions effectively, you will be entitled to a fortunate draw which will be done among members who have addressed that specific inquiry accurately

Q1 – I Eat, I Live. I Breathe, I Live. I Drink. What Am I?

Ans – Fire

Q2 – I Am Tall When Young And Short When I Am Old. What Am I?

Ans – A Candle

Q3 – I Weigh Nothing, But You Can Still See Me. If You Put Me In A Bucket, I Make The Bucket Lighter. What Am I?

Ans – A Hole

Q4 – I Have Notes That Are ‘Top’, ‘Heart’ And ‘Base’. What Am I?

Ans – A Perfume

Q5 – I Am Black When You Buy Me, Red When You Use Me And Gray When You Throw Me Away. What Am I?

Ans – Charcoal


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