Question 1. The book ‘Long Walk to Freedom’ is an autobiography by which one of these?

Answer: Nelson Mande

Question 2. Today, 23rd October is the birthday of an actor who has played a super-hero character is both Marvel and DC franchise in recent times. Who are we talking about here?

Answer: Ryan Reynolds

Question 3. Today, 23rd October is the birthday of one of Football’s legends. He has won 3 FIFA world cups with Brasil and was named ‘Co-Player of the Century’ in 1999, along with Argentine Diego Maradona. Who is this player?

Answer: Pelé

Question 4. Which of these Indian states does NOT share its border with China?

Answer: Nagaland

Question 5. In which city would you find the Colosseum, an amphitheater built in the first century to honor the Flavian dynasty?

Answer: Rome, Italy


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