Image result for Rangoli or Flower Stamp in Google Pay

Google Pay app will offer around ₹251 to the people who can manage to possess all of the five stamps, namely, Jhumka, Diya, rangoli, flower, and lantern. Flower and rangoli stamps especailly are extremely hard to come by. People can easily get these stamps by just transferring money especially using the "New" Payment button on the home screen, expecially paying to New Merchants, check the offers for easy Rangoli stamps.


(Sample new Number to Try > 9880777909)


1. Also another trick is goto Paytm App.
2. Add Any Random amount more than ₹35.
3. At Payment Page, Choose Bhim UPI.
4. Now Pay amount Via Google Pay.

5. Try 5 Times you may get Rangoli Stamps

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