Cisco is the leading corporation that has transformed the world when it comes to networking in the internet. Many industries around the globe utilize Cisco routing and switching technologies to share data and communicate. The global companies also recognize Cisco as one of the leading vendors of IT certifications, and highly appreciate it’s certifying badges such as CCNA R&S, CCNA Wireless, CCNP Security, CCIE R&S.

Cisco Certification Program

Since Cisco represents the dominant corporation in developing networking credentials, it has thus designed a certification program based on 5 levels below:

1. Entry – the basic level of Cisco certifications which is ideal for candidates wishing tostart a career in the networking technology.

2. Associate – this stage is designed for specialists who want to gain fundamental knowledge in networking technologies and increase their job prospects.

3. Professional – focuses on the advanced administration, configuration and troubleshooting of more specialized networking components such as routers and

4. Expert – it is highly-recognized level of Cisco certifications by showcasing professionals’ expert skills in managing the networked system in a business environment.

5. Architect – this is the highest achievable level under the Cisco certification program. It portrays technology masters’ abilities to design a network architecture and so meet
both business and user requirements.

This certifying line has been recently completed by a new level, Specialist that will come active starting from February 24, 2020.

Well, the exciting news for networking professionals is that there will come the new CCNA credential from February 24, 2020. It is designed to prepare IT professionals for various job roles because it covers a broad spectrum of concepts. The badge will encapsulate security fundamentals, networking, automation, and programmability.

Additionally, the candidates will not have to take several exams in order to earn the CCNA certification, they will only be required to pass the 100-105 Practice Test exam and accordingly, grasp this inspiring CCNA credential. Interestingly, there are no prerequisites to earning this
badge. However, Cisco recommends at least one year of experience in administering and implementing basic IP addressing and other Cisco solutions.

Particularly, the new CCNA credential will replace the following current credentials:
 CCNA Data Center
 CCNA Industrial
 CCNA Routing and Switching
 CCNA Service Provider
 CCNA Security
 CCNA Wireless
 CCNA Service Provider
 CCNA Cloud

Apart from the new certification exams that are going to go live from February 24, 2020, current qualifying assessments are still valid, and professionals are recommended to take them to validate their skills.

In this article, we’ll cover the Cisco 100-105 exam and the resulting certifications.

Cisco 100-105 Exam and Why Pass It?

Now, 100-105 is a qualifying exam for the CCENT, CCDA, CCNA R&S, CCNA Wireless, and CCNA Security credentials. The test is assessing candidates’ knowledge and skills in routing technologies, network fundamentals, technologies of LAN switching, as well as infrastructure maintenance and services. It is set to take 90 minutes, and candidates are required to answer
45-55 questions within the said time.

Generally, passing any exam involves a thorough preparation and purchasing of prep materials from renowned sites such as Challenge yourself to hit its 100-105 Premium Bundle and taste all the accompanying options such as a study guide, a training course, and premium exam dumps just for $24.99! Moreover, you can easily download its free and updated exam dumps shared with you by the recent test takers.

Grounds to Pass Cisco 100-105 Test

So, candidates are advised to dedicate solid amount of time to ensure that they excel in a certification exam, but why? Here are the distinct reasons that should motivate you to pass 100-105 test.

Firstly, the industry is rapidly changing and there is a definite need to be conversant with its major developments. This way, the certification exams will help you understand the main tech aspects which are being upgraded to meet the needs of businesses as well as users. Here is why Cisco updates its exams every moment the shift in technology comes.

Secondly, certification exams show that you are committed and dedicated to your career because passing an assessment involves thorough preparation which needs much time. If you can invest effort to prepare for a test, it would mean for the employer your determination to devote yourself to the most challenging tasks in your job. Therefore, in the first place,employers consider specialists who have passed qualifying exams by being committed and dedicated to what they do.

Thirdly, certification exams give you a greater edge of getting employed and, eventually, promoted. As a rule, hiring managers consider candidates who are conversant with upgraded technologies as well as with the changes taking place in the industry. The only way to prove that you are knowledgeable about the above developments is taking certification exams because they are always updated. Therefore, the Cisco 100-105 exam will definitely help you to win jobs in the market.

Additionally, Cisco assessments normally have a passing score which all the candidates must pass in order to get certified. This clearly shows your competency because you have managed to hit the threshold score. As a result, employers will have confidence in your skills and your chances of getting employed will considerably increase.

Finally, passing a Cisco exam like 100-105 creates a solid foundation for advancing your skills to earning expert and architect level certification. This is beneficial to help you climb the career ladder and get advanced skills.

Career Prospects
 Information Technology Specialist –$51,000
 Network Engineer- $68,000
 Systems Administrator - $60,000

On average, $74,000 is the median annual salary that a Cisco certified professional can earn according to the PayScale’s research. 

In a Nutshell

In modern realities, enterprise and technology requirements increase every day, that’s why only certified professionals have the adapted skills to deliver highly scalable solutions to bring the arising demands to equilibrium.

So, the right way to remain relevant in the rapidly growing IT industry is getting certification from the leading technology corporation such as Cisco.

At this point, the Cisco 100-105 test would represent a perfect start to forward your networking career. Here, the appropriate training with PrepAway exam dumps and vendor’s options will come in handy.

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