Samsung Has Launched its Next Gen flagship Smartphone in India as they unveiled all New S20 Amazon has Launched Exclusive Special edition quiz to win it

Amazon Galaxy S20 Quiz Answers 
Question 1. Which of these is a zoom features in the Galaxy S20’s camera – which lets you zoom at far-away objects?
Answer is – Space zoom
Question 2. ______ is a feature on the Galaxy S20 which can turn any frame of an 8K video shot on Galaxy S20 into a 33MP picture. What is it called?
Answer is – 8K Video snap
Question 3. Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a battery capacity of?
Answer is – 5000 mAh
Question 4. Galaxy S20 Ultra has a __MP primary rear camera?
Answer is – 108MP
Question 5. Samsung S20 has refresh rate of 120Hz. The main advantage of high refresh rate in a phone is that it results in a smoother picture
Answer is – True

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