Login into Amazon Account, click on search bar & search for the word “Quiz Click on “Skagen Holi” Quiz banner & they will ask you to watch the Video. Just skip the Video & click on the start quiz button

Amazon Skagen Holi – All Correct Answers 
Q1. Which country is the mentioned below the brand name Skagen in the video?
Answer -  Denmark
Q2. In the video, which color watches were shown?
Answer -  Blue and Red
Q3. Which range of Skagen watches is featured in the video?
Answer -  Aaren Kulor
Q4. All Skagen watch faces in the video show the same time. What time do they show?
Answer - 10:10
Q5. Skagen is a brand owned by which of the following watch companies?
Answer - Fossil
Congratulations , You Just Cleared The Amazon Skagen Holi Quiz

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