World Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection.Amazon India came up with new Quiz contest Login Into Amazon Account  Click On Search bar & Search For Word “Quiz” You Will See Fun Zone banner click it and than on the Amazon Daily Quiz for Amazon World Earth Day Quiz.

Amazon World Earth Day Edition Quiz Answers All answers

1. Earth Day 2020 would mark how may years of Earth Day celebrations?

Answer : 50.
2. Which of these is a project started by the Earth Day Network to plant trees worldwide?
Answer : The Canopy Project.
3. The famous 1992 United Nations Earth Summit happened in which South American city?
Answer : Rio De Janeiro.
4. What is the theme for Earth Day 2020?
Answer : Climate Action.
5. The success of the 1st Earth Day led to the creation of the USEPA. What does EP stand for in USEPA?
Answer : Environmental Protection

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