How to participate
a. The participant is required to tune in to Channel every day from 6.00 p.m onwards where ZENL will display a number at any time during the Contest Period on the Channel
b. To participate in the Contest, the Participant shall be required to call the number displayed on the Channel, immediately following the display of such number on the Channel.
c. The Participant, who calls on the number as given above, will be assigned a randomly computer generated unique alphanumeric code, known as the Agent ID. One number can be issued only one Agent ID in a day ending at 2359hrs on the day the ID was issued. Only the numbers and instructions as flashed and advised on Movies Now channel are valid for that day and any deviation by calling the same number outside the stipulated time or day or other numbers or any act not specified here, will be considered out rightly invalid.
d. ZENL will then flash nine (9) randomly computer selected Agent ID’s on its Channel, after 9.00 p.m and the Participant who has the particular Agent ID ‘Chosen Agent(s)’ flashed on the Channel, will give a missed call on another number flashed on the Channel alongwith the Agent ID.
e. The response to this missed call will be an SMS question which the ‘Chosen Agent(s)’ will have to answer via giving another missed call to select the correct answer.
f. Upon correctly answering the SMS question, up to 9 ‘Chosen Agent(s)’ will stand a chance to be considered the ‘Winners’ for that particular day of the Contest Period
g. The Agent IDs and the ‘Chosen Agent(s)’ of the day will be selected randomly by the automated computerized system and there will be no human intervention / choices. All the entries will be stored in a backend system operated by an agency appointed by ZENL
‘Winners’ as determined by the response to the SMS question will be rewarded with a gift voucher or cash deposited in an e-wallet as decided by ZENL . Each Winner will be entitled to receive only one ‘Prizes. The product, value, make and brand of the ‘Prizes’ as if applicable that the Winner will receive shall be decided by ZENL at their sole discretion. ZENL reserves the right to change the ‘Prizes’ and the same shall be final & binding. The ‘Prize(s)’ and its specification and features shown on screen or in any communication, including print ads, social media, Tv etc. is only for representational purpose and are subject to change without any prior notice or intimation. All Winners shall be solely responsible for downloading the necessary application as prescribed by ZENL, to avail of the ‘Prizes’. The Winner agrees to comply with the procedure, as intimated by ZENL. ZENL shall take reasonable endeavor to deliver the ‘Prizes’ within 90 days from the date of announcement of the winner.

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