Why get bored at home? When you can play India's biggest housie game. Play and Win SMART E-Vouchers.


STEP 1 Enter a valid mobile number. >> ENTER HERE

STEP 2 Download your ticket on your mobile or desktop. Tickets will be available only from 23rd April ’20 to 26th April ’20 till 6 p.m.

 STEP 3 Visit our Facebook page (SMART Superstore) or www.smarthousie.com, for the Housie numbers.

 STEP 4 To claim the prizes, Direct Message (DM) the screenshot of the ticket to SMART Superstore Facebook page, along with the mobile number used for downloading the ticket.


Free Ticket. Before the numbers are announced, the Participant is entitled to avail one (1) Ticket per user using his/her mobile number. Each Ticket is active during the Game Period only. During the Game Period, certain numbers are randomly announced by the Company. Such announced numbers are notified on game screen & on SMART Superstore Facebook page. If the announced number matches any number present in the Ticket of the Participant, the Participant must actively tick-off such number. All Categories (Early-5; Top-Line; Middle Line; Bottom Line; and Full House) are available in the Game for a Participant to choose within the Stipulated Time. All the Categories should be actively claimed by the Participant and such claim is validated by the Company. Prize (s) are accordingly awarded to the Participant on “first come first serve basis” in accordance to the Terms and Conditions. If the claim raised by the Participant for any of the Categories is invalid, the Company shall consider the Ticket cancelled and any Prize(s) that the Participant may be entitled to, shall also be cancelled. 

Winner Selection  The Company may, at its discretion, decide to award Prize(s) to a Winner as the Company deems fit and Prize(s) so won shall be announced by the Company at its sole discretion.

Where more than one Participant claims in any or all Categories, the Winner(s) will be determined on "first come, first serve basis". In case, multiple events are organized by the Company on each day, the Company may decide to award Prize(s) to only such selected Winner(s) of each event. The selection of such Winner(s) may be determined with the help of randomize software developed specifically for the purpose of selection of the Winner(s). The randomizer will use an appropriate method of selecting Winners to break the tie, at the discretion of Company. In the event of a software failure, or for any other reason, the Company may adopt any other methodology or criteria at its sole discretion to select from amongst the Participants, depending upon requirement and availability of time. 1.3. The Company will rely upon only such mobile phone contact information as may be provided by the Winner at the time of registration on the microsite to contact him/her. For avoidance of doubt, the Company is not responsible to declare any Participant as a Winner and/or award any Prizes if such Participant has registered on the microsite using a non-mobile phone contact information. 1.4. Where the Winner(s) cannot be contacted  after being so contacted (maximum of 3 (three) attempts), the Winner(s) does not claim the Prize with sufficient proof of identification as such Winner(s), the Prize for such Winner(s) stands forfeited and the next eligible Participant will be selected as the Winner(s). No further claims by the original Winner who could not be contacted or does not claim the Prize, will be entertained and the Company will not be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever to such persons. 1Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company reserves the rights to determine and/or announce the timelines and the methodology of determining Winners from time to time. 1.6. The Prize (s) details will be available to the Participants on the "SOCIAL MEDIA" Details such as gratification partner/ sponsor name or details of how to redeem the Prize will be made available on the same. 

Winner Declaration and Pay-out/ Prize(s) handover 2.1. The Company reserves the right, at its discretion, to institute one or more Prize(s) for the Game and the terms and conditions attendant thereto. Every game or claim for a Category may not have Prize(s). 2.2. Subject to special terms and conditions provided under Annexure-A, the Prize (s) are provided in the table herein-above: 2.3. The Company reserves the right to offer or withdraw any of the Prize(s) as provided herein-above, at any point of time, including after they have been announced. 2.4. The Company shall have the liberty but not the obligation to publish information with respect to the winners of the Game. The announced winners are indicative list only and cannot be used as evidence in any manner. 2.5. The Company may, in its sole discretion, exclude a Participant from participating in any part of the Game which may include without limitation (i) circumstances which, in the Company's view, renders the Participant unfit to participate therein; (ii) inability to produce documentation specified by the Company proving the identity of the Participant; (iii) any other reason that, at the discretion of Company, would adversely impact the Company or the Game. At no point of time will the Company be obliged to notify unsuccessful Participants of its decision. 2.6. Company will use the mobile number used to register on *website* by the Participant to identify the Winner of the Prize(s) won, if any. Inability on the part of the Participant to accordingly show or provide the required identification proof could entitle the Company to disqualify the Participant from being held as a Participant winner/s, if any. 2.7. Whilst the Company, as the case may be, shall make all reasonable endeavors to (i) enable Participant(s) to proceed with participation in the Game; and (ii) to contact all Winner(s) to support the partner brand in distributing the Prize(s), the Company cannot guarantee such contact and the Company, as the case may be, shall, at its sole discretion, be entitled to proceed with the next entitled Participants who are eligible to be Winners under the Terms and Conditions herein, in case it is unable to successfully contact and communicate with Participant(s)/ Winner(s). Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Participant acknowledges and agrees that the Company is responsible to contact only the first Winner for awarding Prize(s). In cases where the Company is not able to reach such Winner, the Prize shall stand cancelled and forfeited or shall be at the sole discretion of the Company to award such Prize to any other eligible Participant/Winner. 2.8. The Company will have no liability to a Participant who is unable to take part in the Game for whatever reason and the Company shall be entitled to disqualify the Participant(s) from the Game at any time, at the discretion of the Company. 2.9. The Company further reserves the right to replace at its discretion any Winner(s) who for any reason fails or is disqualified from or unable to participate in the Game with another Participant eligible to be a Winner, notwithstanding that such Participant may have been previously eliminated from the Game and each Participant shall agree to collect the Prize(s) as and when required by the Company to do so. 2.10. If at any point it is determined by the Company that any person has tampered with the website, the Game, or any data / servers / database / etc. related to the Game, the Company reserves the right at its discretion to revoke the winnings of any such Participant and / or initiate litigation as deemed fit and necessary by the Company. 2.14. The Winner agrees that the delivery of his/her relevant Prize(s) may be delayed as a result of a delay in submission of documents and/ or any force majeure events which are not within the control of the Company. 2.15. The Winner hereby agrees that he/ she shall not hold the Company responsible for any delays and/ or disputes and/or claims arising out of any Prize(s) that such Winner may be entitled to, and shall indemnify the Company against any and all such claims. 2.16. The Winner hereby agree that in case of any disputes/ claims arising out of any Prize(s), the same shall be addressed directly to the relevant sponsor of such Prize(s) and the Company shall not be held responsible for the same. 2.17. The Company may refuse to pay winnings or reclaim all sums paid to Winners in the event of any fraud, dishonesty or non-entitlement on the part of any of such Winner(s) to participate in the Game under the Terms and Conditions. 

Special Conditions for Prizes 

With respect to the Prizes, the special conditions applicable, if any, as notified by the relevant sponsor to the Company, is provided in Annexure A hereto. The Company shall make reasonable endeavours to communicate at Annexure A, such special conditions as may be notified to it by the relevant sponsors from time to time. However, the Company does not guarantee or assure the completeness and accuracy of such special conditions, including any updation or revision thereof from time to time and it shall be the sole responsibility of the relevant Winner(s) to ascertain all conditions pertaining to the Prize won by such Winner directly with the relevant sponsor. 3.2. The Company shall not be, in any manner, responsible for any decision taken by a Winner to avail any Prize and any consequences arising from the conditions that may be imposed by the relevant sponsors upon such Winner(s).

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