Will you be our MVP and take home the all new REDMAGIC 5G

The lucky draws will be an ongoing part of the event and will happen at the beginning of each mission after the first, with the last lucky draw being after the last mission. Winners of a lucky draw, can not win any other lucky draw prizes from the following lucky draws. Participants will still be required to complete all 5 missions, even if they win a prize from a lucky draw before the end of the event. If a participant who has won a lucky draw does not complete all five missions of the event, the participant then forfeits their prize and another participant will be randomly selected to receive the prize. RedMagic will announce the account names of the winners of each lucky draw and what they have won on the event page. The dates of the announcements and what prizes will be won are as follows;
  • Start of mission 2 on 18th March at 12AM PT RedMagic will announce the 20 winners to receive a set Noobz Earphones.  
  • Start of mission 3 on 25thMarch at 12AM PT RedMagic will announce the 30 winners to receive a $10 gift card. 
  • Start of mission 4 on 1st April at 12AM PT RedMagic will announce the 5 winners to receive a power bank. 
  • Start of mission 5 on 8th April at 12AM PT RedMagic will announce the 5 winners to receive a $50 gift card. 
  • On 14th April at 12AM PT, RedMagic will announce the winners for all of the remaining prizes in the lucky draw. 
All five missions must be completed before 13/04/2020 12PM PT.  For MVP Operation: REDMAGIC, RedMagic is commiting:
  • 5 RedMagic 5G phones with 8G RAM + 128G of memory
  • 120 $/€/£10 online gift cards
  • 80 sets of Noobz Earphones
  • 20 power banks
  • 20 $/€/£50 online gift cards

  • participants must complete all five missions to be eligible to receive prizes won from lucky draws. The following prizes from RedMagic can be won from the lucky draws;
    • $/€/£10 online gift card
    • Noobz Earphones
    • Power banks
    • $/€/£50 online gift card
participants that win a lucky draw before 14/04/2020 April, will receive an email from RedMagic on 14/04/2020 at 12AM PT that will need to be responded to by 21/04/2020 at 12AM PT. Participants are encouraged to check the event page frequently and on the dates listed in 6b to see if they have won a lucky draw. Should a participant see that he or she has won, they still need to complete all five missions and wait for an email from RedMagic for them to respond too in order to claim the prize. Participants that win a RedMagic 5G to test run are obligated to complete a Test Report that will be sent to the Participant via email within two months of receiving the RedMagic 5G, and the test report requirements may be multiple. If a participant fails to submit the Test Report within the required time. RedMagic reserves the right to remotely restrict  User’s Rights to the RedMagic 5G. 
participant choose to return the RedMagic 5G after the test run period, they are to return the RedMagic 5G to the address found in the official email that will be sent on 21/05/2021 from RedMagic. Should a participant choose to return the RedMagic 5G, they will be required to pay the shipping fees associated with returning the RedMagic 5G. Participants must be based in a country/location that we ship to in order to claim the prize  If any winner is discovered to not be based in a country/location that we ship to, their prize will automatically transfer to another participant. RedMagic will contact lucky draw prize winners and winners of the RedMagic 5G test run by 14/04/2020 12AM PT via email at the end of the event. Winners must respond by 21/04/2020 12AM PT to claim their prize. Should the winner not respond before that time, they shall no longer be eligible to claim their prizes, and another winner shall be selected.  


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