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Amazon Basics Quiz All Answers

Question 1 :  The AmazonBasics mixer grinder can be used for which of these

Answer :  All of these

Question 2 :  The AmazonBasics Elite 750 Watt mixer grinder comes with which of these features?

Answer :  All of these

Question 3 :  The _____ motor used in the Amazon Basics Elite 750 Watt mixer grinder ensures long life and better performance. Fill in the blanks.

Answer :  Copper

Question 4 :  Which of these is true about the versatile jars and blades of the AmazonBasics Elite 750 Watt mixer grinder?

Answer :  All of these

Question 5 :  Which of these on the Amazon Basics mixer grinder is made of Food Grade Silicon rubber, which have a longer life?

Answer :  Gaskets on jars

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