Amazon Prime Day Quizes to win Asus Gaming Laptops. The Prize will be delivered to the winner on or before 30th September, 2020 Contest ends on 7th August, 2020

Amazon Prime Day Asus Laptop Quiz Answer Win Asus Gaming Laptops
Quiz 1 : Prime members enjoy which of these?

Answer : All of the above

Quiz 2 : Prime members get FREE access to Prime Video.

Answer : TRUE

Quiz 3 : How much would it cost to purchase a one-year Prime membership today?

Answer : ₹999

Quiz 4 : Only Prime members can avail Prime day deals & new Product launches.

Answer : TRUE

Quiz 5 : When does Prime Day 2020 start?

Answer : 6th Aug, 12 AM

Amazon Morning With Quiz All Answers for 28th July to Win Samsonite Polycarbonate Suitcases

Quiz 1 : A very rare ‘Golden Tabby‘ tiger has recently been spotted in which National Park?

Answer : Kaziranga National Park

Quiz 2 : An ‘Astronomical Unit’ is defined as the mean distance between which two objects in space?

Answer : Earth and Sun

Quiz 3 : The role of Kolkata based IAS off-icer, Paritosh Bannerji is being played by Jisshu Sengupta in which upcoming film?

Answer : Shakuntala Devi

Quiz 4 : To celebrate which film’s anniversary did Deepika Padukone change her instagram and Twitter names to ‘Veronica’, her character in the film?

Answer : Cocktail

Quiz 5 : The Court of Arbitration for Sport recently overturned which team’s 2 year suspension from European Football tournaments?

Answer : Manchester City FC

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