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Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers 14th September 2020

Q1: The river Indus originates in China

Answer 1: Not Fake

Q2: The word ‘Quarantine’ comes from a word which means 40 days

Answer 2: Not Fake

Q3: There was a superhero comicbook based on Sunil Gavaskar

Answer 3: Not Fake

Q4: Zebras are white skinned animals with black stripes

Answer 4: Fake

Q5: 5G cellular network is causing birds to die

Answer 5: Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers 15th September 2020

Q1. More than half of Indian population is vegetarian?


Q2. Milkha singh charged rs 1 for his biopic baagh milkha bhaag


Q3. Man holds on helium balloon and reaches an altitude of 7 kms?


Q4. the title “father of nation” was given to Mahatma gandhi by subash chandra bose?


Q5. covid-19 can infect an individual only once?


Flipkart Quiz Answers – September 17, 2020

1. its harmful to go for a swim right after eating

Answer - fake

2. Neerja bhanot is the only Indian woman to win India’s highest peace time gallantry award

Answer - fake

3. A full grown python can eat a whole person

Answer - not fake

4. Former us president Richard Nixon called indian women most unattractive

Answer - not fake

5. Edible cups are being used at a tea stall in Tamil nadu

Answer - not fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Answer – 20 September 2020

Query 1) Sikkim is India’s first totally natural state

Reply 1: Not Fake

Query 2) A B AB O are the one blood group sorts on this planet

Reply 2: Fake

Query 3) An individual unknowingly swallows a median of 8 dwell spiders of their sleep every year

Reply 3: Fake

Query 4) The European Group for Nuclear Analysis (CERN) has a 2 meter tall statue of lord Shiva

Reply 4: Not Fake

Query 5) Twinkle Khanna has been certainly one of India’s greatest-promoting feminine authors

Reply 5: Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz All Answer – 22 Sep 2020

Inquiry 1) A guy exploded a component of his home while chasing after a fly

Response 1: Not Fake

Inquiry 2) Bengaluru was the initial Eastern city to obtain road lights

Response 2: Not Fake

Inquiry 3) Elephants hesitate of computer mice

Response 3: Fake

Inquiry 4) Lord Hanuman is stated in the flick Black Panther

Response 4: Not Fake

Inquiry 5) Golden Holy place in Amritsar lit numerous lights throughout Diwali

Response 5: Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Contest: Answer for 23rd September 2020

Q1- Amartya Sen said India’s economy would be hit by the ban on PUBG


Q2- In Bhopal, a pair of frogs were ‘married’ to appease the rain gods


Q3- The Indian National Congress party symbol used to have two bullocks on it


Q4- There are people who work as professional fart smellers


Q5- Pakistani fighter jet flew under a bridge


Answers Of Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Quiz September 24th

Question 1 : Indian airforce tweeted that a Rafale had crashed and pilot was martyred

Answers : Fake.

Question 2 : A circus in Germany sold lion poop to raise funds

Answers : Not Fake.

Question 3 : Virat Kohli is the only player to have played for the same team in all season of IPL

Answers : Not Fake.

Question 4 : A piece of paper can’t be folded in half more than seven times.

Answers : Fake.

Question 5 : ISRO has not a PSLV numbered 13 in 50 numbers

Answers : Not Fake

Answers Of Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Quiz : Win Assured Gift Voucher Or Supercoin September 25th

Question 1 : Urine contamination in swimming pools can cause redness in eyes

Answers : Not Fake.

Question 2 : Bill Gates listed “Toilet Ek Prem Katha” as one of the most inspiring things of 2017

Answers : Not Fake.

Question 3 : Albert Einstein failed Math in school

Answers : Fake.

Question 4 : India’s first IIT was set up in a former prison

Answers : Not Fake.

Question 5 : Government wa buying covid 19 kits in 2018

Answers : Fake.

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Answers – 26th September 2020

Question 1: Lalu Prasad Yadav has a daughter named after government legislation.

Answer 1: Not Fake

Question 2: Nasa recorded Om sound from the Sun

Answer 2: Fake

Question 3: Humans are either right brained (creative) or left brained (logical)

Answer 3: Fake

Question 4: A female python laid eggs despite not being near a male for 15 years

Answer 4: Not Fake

Question 5: First international cricket match was played between USA and Canada

Answer 5: Not Fake

Flipkart Fake Or Not Quiz Answers – 27th September 2020

1.dangal is the highest earning non -english foreign language movie in china

Answer - Not fake

2.India has been declared as polio free by the WHO

Answer : Not fake

3.tata motors has launched cab services to compete against uber and ola?

Answer - Fake is the largest organ in the human body

Ans - Not fake

5.jingle bells was written for christmas
Ans - Fake

Answers of Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers 28th September 2020

Q1: The payment app ‘BHIM’ is named after Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Answer 1: Not Fake

Q2: Every year Sudha Murthy spends one-day selling vegetables

Answer 2: Fake

Q3: Cancers can also be caused by bacteria and viruses

Answer 3: Not Fake

Q4: Dandruff can spread from one person to another

Answer 4: Fake

Q5: Akshay Kumar drinks cow urine every day

Answer 5: Not Fake

Answers of Flipkart Fake Or Not Fake Quiz Answers 29th September 2020

Q1: Frequently cracking your knuckles can cause arthritis

Answer 1: Fake

Q2: Ministry of Corporate Affairs to give laptops to students for ₹3500

Answer 2: Fake

Q3: Pluto’s highest mountain ranges are named after Tenzing Norgay & Edmund Hillary

Answer 3: Not Fake

Q4: Amrish Puri has acted in a Steven Spielberg movie

Answer 4: Not Fake 

Q5: A bar in Delhi sells fresh air to people

Answer 5: Note Fake

Flipkart Fake or Not answers – September 30th, 2020

Question 1. Canadian PM Justin Trudeau backs Tamil Nadu anti-Hindi movement

Answer: Fake

Question 2. There is no gravity in space

Answer: Fake

Question 3. High heels were originally made for men

Answer: Not Fake

Question 4. Akbar had Mahabharata translated into Persian under the name ‘Razmnama’

Answer: Not Fake

Question 5. Donald Trump had a cameo role in the movie Home Alone

Answer: Not Fake


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