Pradeep Narwal is one of the best kabaddi players at present, not just in India but also in the whole world. His way of playing kabaddi really makes him very special. In one recent public interaction, he shared many things about himself and about his Guru Naresh Narwal. In that interaction, he also told how kabaddi had become a very important part of his life since he was very young.

Currently, he is famous as the most dangerous raiders on kabaddi mat. With his superb talent, he managed to run through even the strongest defense in the kabaddi sport. In that public interaction, Pradeep also shared his memory and respect about his childhood mentor Naresh Narwal who affected him the most from a very young age.

In his words, Naresh Narwal, who was his first coach also was the real Guru of him since his childhood. Under the guidance of him, he learned everything which a good kabaddi player should need to learn. According to him, Naresh Narwal taught him everything from basics to the special moves. He taught him how to plant the feet correctly so that one can be a master in advance kabaddi moves.  Pradeep learned how to break even the best defenders and stand against them.

Pradeep belongs to Haryana. He is from the district of Sonipat where he lives in the village Rindhanna. There are many old members in his family who were also practicing kabaddi since they were young. That is the reason this fascination about kabaddi in his mind came very naturally without doing anything extra for it.

According to, he did not remember since when the development of love in his heart and mind for kabaddi took place. In his childhood, he used to go with his uncle watching the practice session of him and his father. His childhood passed watching his father and uncle practising and playing kabaddi a lot. Since then he used to find a good interest in kabaddi and when this interest got converted into active participation, he did not remember that at all. 

Soon after that, he started practicing with his uncle and father, and then after he started taking special training with his mentor Naresh Narwal, he doesn't remember. At the age of 14 or 15, he started taking part in the local tournaments. Before that, he never took any participation in any game as per he knows about it. After that, he is now in the pro kabaddi league to mesmerize everyone with his moves. 

Soon after international participation, especially in the pro kabaddi league, he became the first player and raider to reach 1000  points in the Pro kabaddi league. Along with that he also got the worth watching feat of sweeping 6 opponents aside with an 8-point steeler raid. 

His story is really worth enjoying and gets inspired. I hope he will keep touching higher and higher goals in his life forever. Keep playing great Pradeep. The country needs you.

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