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Amazon Festive Riddles Quiz All Answers

Question 1: Connect the two visuals to get the name of an actress

Answer 1Dia Mirza

Question 2: I come at the start of Rocket and at the end of cracker, what am I?

Answer 2The letter R

Question 3: Diwali is not complete without me, and I am in both of what you see on screen. What am I?

Answer 3Light

Question 4: If you take a number associated with the festival of Dussehra and raise it to the power of 100, you get the origin of what company’s name?

Answer 4Google

Question 5: If you have it you don’t share it. If you share it you don’t have it. What is it?

Answer 5A Secret

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Amazon Festive Riddles october 30th Quiz All Answers

A blue house has blue bricks, a yellow house has yellow bricks. What is a green house made of?

Answer 1: Glass


A grandfather, two fathers, and two sons went to a cinema hall together and bought one ticket each. How many tickets did they buy in total?

Answer 2: 3


Precious stones in a pack of cards. What?

Answer 3: Diamonds


I am where yesterday follows today and tomorrow is in the middle. What am I?

Answer 4: A Dictionary


I am second in the first one, and at the end of the second one, shown in the visuals. What am I?

Answer 5: This Letter I


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