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Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Answer 13th October On Big Boss Flipkrat Video

1. Which contestant was the first to cry?

Answer : Nikitha Tamboli

2. Agar mein kahu ki mein paidanshi hi

Answer : Janwar Hu

3. Which contestant rubbed haldi on siddharth's hand?

Answer : Pavitra Punia

4. Which contestant claims to be a heartbreaker?

Answer : Nikitha tamboli

5. Which contestant will be evicted this week? (Choose one from options below)

Answer : a) Nishanth singh malkani
b) Eizaj khan
c) Rahul vaidya
d) none of the above

Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Answer 23rd October On Big Boss

Q1. Who amongst the following is hot according to Eijaz?

Answer :  Gauhar

Q2. Why did Nikki break up with her ex?

Answer :  Bore ho gayi

Q3. Which big boss contenstants real name is “jayesh bhattacharya”?

Answer :  Jaan sanu

Q4. In the task “mere angane me tumhara kya kaam hai” what task did gauhar give to rahul?

Answer :  10 swimming laps

Q5. Who will get evicted from house this week?

Answer : none of the above

Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Answer 27th October On Big Boss Massage Sessions

1.Who gave rahul a back massage

Answer-niki tamboli

2. What did rahul say in one of the episodes aise hi woh tera?

Answer  - ATM hai

3. What is nikki tambolis birth date

Answer  - 21st August 1996

4. What is the number of songs that kumar sanu has dedicated to his wife

Answer  - 5

5. Who will be evicted from house this week its poll based question based on votes
-pavita punia
-rahul vaidya
-jaan kumar sanu
-none of the above

Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Answer 10th November On Big Boss Naina da kya kasoor

Q1: Which Contestant was told by Nikki to not kiss her?

Answer 1:Jaan Kumar Sanu

Q2: What did Ejaz say?Toh ab main jaunga andar aur?

Answer 2: Fatunga

Q3: Who was the only contestant who did not vote for Nishant?

Answer 3: Naina Singh

Q4: Which contestant real name is Neha Singh?

Answer 4: Pavitra Punia

Q5: Which contestant will get evicted this week?

Answer 5: None of the above

Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Answer 22nd November On Big Boss Punjabi in the House

1) As Which Contestant’s Special Friend Has Ali Entered The House ?

Answer : Jasmin Bhasin

2) Jasmin Said ‘Ab Fatega Kal ___?

Answer : Bomb

3) Which Contestant Won The Title ‘Mr. Punjab’ In 2009?

Answer : Abhinav Shukla

4) What Did Abhinav Make Rubina Eat To Break Her Karwa Chauth Fast?

Answer : Kheer

5) Which Contestant Will Get Evicted This Week?

Answer : Jaan Kumar Sanu

Flipkart Big Buzz Challenge Answer Episode 7 November On Miss Shimla in the House

Q1. In ‘Ek Tha Raha Ek Thi Rani’ task how much money did Nicky ask from Rahul to destroy opponent team hearts?

Answer : 20000 BB Currency

Q2. What did Jaan say? ‘Tu Apna Kaam Kar Sabse Badi…….?

Answer : Two Faced Hai

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Q3. Who according to Kavita is ‘Gunda’ of the house?

Answer : Aly Goni

Q4. Which contestant won ‘Miss Shimla’ Title in 2006?

Answer : Rubina Dilaik

Q5. Who will get evicted this Week ?

Answer : None of the above / Predict


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