How to take Part in Google Pay Dharamshala Event

1. Download Google Pay and Visit Google Pay Go India Event. >> ENTER HERE

2. See, If you have dharmshala Ticket, If you don’t then just Colelct Dharamshala Tickets by using Methods to Collect Tickets & Kilometers

3. Open the Ticket & click on the stump Icon to participate and answer all questions correctly You will get assured Rewards on Completion of the Quiz also the questions format order may be changed so take a look at the below answers first.

Google Pay Dharamshala Event Quiz All Answers

Q1. Where is most Worldcup held and winners of the most cricket world cup?

Answer – Australia

Q2. Which Colour ball is never used in Cricket matches so far?

Answer – Yellow

Q3. How many Types of Cricket World cups that happen?

Answer – 2 types of world cup  (50 overs & 20 overs)

Q4. Which is not a fielding point

Answer – Aisle

Q5. How are most of the a tie-breaking matches used in limited-overs, where both teams play a single, additional over of six balls to determine the winner of the match

Answer - A super over

Q6. If someone calls or message you they will give Dharamshala ticket in Go India offer and share you PIN and CVV what should you do?

Answer – Never Share PIN & CVV

Q7. What is called for players who are dismissed by the first ball they face?

Answer – Golden Duck

Q8. What is highest score made in limited 50 over ODI ?

Answer – 418

Q9. In which year India recently won a world cup

Answer – 2011

All Answers summary for Go India Dharamshala cricket Event

1. 2011 2. Australia 3. 418 4. A Super Over 5. Pin never share it's a secret 6. Yellow 7. 2 (50 over & 20 over) 8. Aisle 9. A golden duck


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