Amazon Festive Riddles Solve Quiz And Win Sony Alpha Camera Total 1 Prize that will be given under this contest. The Prize will be delivered to the winner on or before 30th November, 2020 Contest Ends on 20th October

Amazon Festive Riddles Quiz All Answers – Oct 05th 2020

Q1: What Begins With T Ends With T And Has T In It?

Answer 1: A Tea Pot

Q2: What Has A Face And Two Hands But No Arms Or Legs?

Answer 2: A Clock

Q3: I Turn Everything But I Do Not Move. What Am I?

Answer 3: Mirror

Q4: I Weigh Nothing, But You Can Still See Me. If You Put Me In A Bucket, I Make The Bucket Lighter. What Am I?

Answer 4: A Hole

Q5: I Am Black When You Buy Me, Red When You Use Me And Gray When You Throw Me Away. What Am I?

Answer 5: Charcoal


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