Kaziranga & Gangtok Tickets are rare in Google Pay Go India Offer, here are some Tricks to get rare Kaziranga & Gangtok City Tickets in Google Pay Go India 

Weird but try this working steps before trying other Methods

1. Open Google Pay Account >> ENTER HERE

2. Click on your Profile and you will see Help & Feedback Options

3. Click top 3 Dot Options and send your Feedback by asking a Ticket you want may work 1 time only

Hi, Sir my Registered Google Pay mail is ABC@xyz.com and need  Kaziranga, Please help me to Collect The Ticket. Then Send it many have received it the very next day map share

Method 1 – Paytm Add Money

Goto Paytm Account & Add Money using Google Pay UPI & Get Free rare Ticket. Easily Transfer Paytm Wallet Cash to Bank Account without any Charges

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Method 2 – Unique Transactions to Get City Tickets

Buy any Product on sites which accept accept UPI Payment Method, You can get a Unique Tickets for Purchase 

1.. Open Flipkart or Amazon

2.. Choose any Product of Amount ₹100 or More

3.. Enter Payment Method as UPI and pay through Google UPI

4.. Make the Payment from Google Pay to Get Free rare Tickets

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Method 3 – Scan Pay to Merchant QR

Purchase from local shops accepting Google QR code, better scan the Google QR code cards only any amount above Rs.10 should work. Open Google Pay QR Scanner Scan the Shop QR Code, Make Payment & Get a Ticket Instantly  You will get 1 rare Tickets Daily

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Method 4 – Send Photo or Map to get Daily 5 Tickets

1.. Visit to Go India Offer in Google Pay App

2.. Click to Your Map andScroll Down Map & There You Will See your Collected Tickets

4.. Click on any Tickets & Share with Friends or out Telegram channel, Share Your Map or Tricks You Will Get Extra Tickets.. Share 5 Time to Get 5 Unique Tickets 

Get your Required City Tickets


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  1. I'm looking for the Kaziranga ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/959fnh

    1. I'm looking for the Kaziranga ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/MzwVZm

  2. Please help me get the kaziranga and gangtok city ticket plz

  3. I'm looking for the Puri ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/E2vXv3

  4. I'm looking for the Kaziranga ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/eCLUvp

  5. Get karigaza

  6. I'm looking for the Nainital ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/b5LVVi

  7. Gaya puri bastar kaziranga nainital goa kochi
    Pls gift me
    I’m looking for the Gaya ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/fNEhCx

  8. I'm looking for the Kaziranga ticket, do you have it with you? https://gpay.app.goo.gl/MzwVZm


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