After Cricket match in Dharamshala, Vada Pav in Mumbai, Tour of pink City Jaipur and Biryani in Hyederabad, Gpay is back with a generic Celebrate Diwali in any Go India city gpay offer where you can celebrate Diwali with any Go India city ticket you have in spare from November 13th 8 am to November 15th midnight and win assured Rs.20 to Rs.100 cash prizes or Rare City Tickets or KMs. Stay tuned right here for Google Pay Go India  Diwali Quiz All Answers, gpay rangoli event answers, make sure you have updated the Gpay latest app to play the quiz.

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Celebrate Diwali in any Go India City Rangoli Quiz All Answers

Question 1 – Which Festival is celebrated on the 5th dDay of Diwali among brothers and sisters?

Answer 1 – Bhai Dooj

Question 2 – Which of the following are used to Celebrate Diwali?

Answer 2 – All of them

Question 3 – During the 2019 Diwali game on Google Pay, which stamp was the most sought after by people across India?

Answer 3 – Rangoli

Question 4 – Which of the following activities would you not be doing during Diwali?

Answer 4 – Applying gulal to friends.

Question 5 – This Diwali, your father wants to download & send money to you via Google Pay. He is asking your advice on what to set as an UPI pin.

Answer 5 – None of them

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Question 6 – What does Kollam, Alpanna, Jhuthi have in common?

Answer 6 – All are forms of Rangoli

Question 7 – Stay Tuned

Answer 7 –  Sanskrit

Question 8 – 

Answer 8 – Dilwali

Question 9 –

Answer 9 – UPI ID

Question 10 –

Answer 10 – India

Question 11 –

Answer 11 – Pollution

Question 12 –

Answer 12 – Stay Tuned (Please refresh page)

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