Amazon Food Quiz. The quiz aims to test your knowledge not only about food (pizza in this case) but also Amazon’s food delivery service, which has gone live in Bengaluru. The winners will be announced on February 8th and the prize will be credited to the winners on or before February 21st, 2021. A total of 10 participants will be declared as winners.The prize will be credited to the winners on or before February 21st, 2021.

Amazon Food Quiz All answers

Question 1: Margherita Pizza was named after a whom?

Option 1: Margherita of Savoy
Option 2: Marie-José of Belgium
Option 3: Fastrada of Franconia
Option 4: None of the above

Answer: Margherita of Savoy

Question 2: How many restaurants in Amazon Food are hygiene certified?

Option 1: 100
Option 2: 250
Option 3: 320
Option 4: All Restaurants

Answer: All Restaurants

Question 3: How much packaging fee does Amazon Food charge?

Option 1: Rs. 20
Option 2: Rs. 30
Option 3: Rs. 40
Option 4: Free

Answer: Free

Question 4: Which vegetable is the main ingredient used to make Gajar ka Halva?

Option 1: Beet Root
Option 2: Raddish
Option 3: Carrot
Option 4: Sweet Potato

Answer: Carrot

Question 5: What are the safety measures taken by Amazon Food?

Option 1: All restaurants on Amazon Food are hygiene certified
Option 2: Tamper proof packaging
Option 3: Contactless delivery
Option 4: All of the above

Answer: All of the above

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