How to win Smartphones every hour for FREE?

1. Buy Center Fresh Promo Pack >> ENTER HERE
2. Find the Batch Number on Center Fresh Promo Pack
3. SMS the Batch Number to 7090670906
4. Contest Duration daily and will be only from 9AM to 9 PM everyday
5. After Sending Batch Number you will recieve confirmation SMS and Lucky Hourly winners will Win Rs 100 Mobile Recharges & Smartphones

Leaked LOT Numbers Of Center Fresh
ET3U                       SWTU

There will be 48240 unique winners selected for a Mobile Recharge/Cashback Voucher during the contest period of 67days. The winners of the Mobile Recharge prize will also have an option to choose an alternate reward of Rs 100 Cashback Prize (in lieu of Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge Prize)During the Contest Period, 51240 (48240 Winners for Rest of India and 3000 Winners for Tamil Nadu) winners will be selected for MOBILE RECHARGE Vouchers during the contest period of 67 days. Similarly, During the Contest Period, 854 (804 Winners for Rest of India and 50 Winners for Tamil Nadu) winners will be selected for Smartphones during the contest period of 67 days 1000 winners will be selected for Rs 100 Mobile Recharge Voucher from all the entries received before the start date of campaign more detail about this campaign visit below link

Contest Ends on 06th February 2021 More details VISIT HERE

Where can I get the promotion pack?

Promotion stocks are available at a retailer near you, across markets in India. Visit your local retailer for the promo pack. Check back of pack for the promo participation code. Center fresh packs without promotion offer are also available.

What is the promotion period?

The Contest period for Rest of India starts from 7th February 2021 and ends on 14th April 2021. For Tamil Nadu Contest is valid from 14th February 2021 to 14th April 2021 from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM

How do I participate in the promo?

To participate in the promotion, buy a Center fresh promo pack (i.e., a mono pack 3.0 g/ Re. 1, 3- layer gum pack 7.2g/ Rs. 5 or Center fresh Mint pack 4.5g/ Rs. 10) with a 4-digit alphanumeric participation code printed on it, and SMS the 4-digit alphanumeric code to 7090670906 from your registered mobile number

How many times can I participate in the promotions?

Any participant can enter the contest any number of times a day only from a mobile number through SMS during the contest period. However, a participant can win a maximum of 1 Mobile Recharge prize and 1 Smartphone prize during the promotion period.

Is the promotion valid throughout India?

Yes, the Center fresh Offer is valid in all the states & Union Territories of India. Please note that participation from Tamil Nadu, is subject to certain Terms and Conditions.

Can I participate in the promotion if I am from Tamil Nadu?

Yes, you can participate in the promotion if you are from Tamil Nadu or have a Tamil Nadu telecom circle mobile network & reside anywhere in the country. To enter the contest, you will be prompted to complete the sentence: “I love Center fresh because…”. Send your answer to 7090670906 in the format: CFTN<Space>Answer.

I have purchased a Center fresh Mono pack, 3-Layer Gum pack, Center fresh Mint but it does not have participation code. ?

Although this promotion is running pan-India, Center fresh packs without this promotion offer are also available in the market. Keep visiting your nearest retailer to get a promo pack and participate in the offer

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