26th May  - Flipkart Video Quiz All Answers win Assured rewards

All Flipkart Quiz’s answers will be updated everyday sharp at 12:00 AM midnight. By Playing Flipkart Quiz’s you can win Supercoins, Gift Vouchers and other exciting Prizes like Smartphones etc. Answer all questions correctly to be eligible for assured Prizes. Also Flipkart is giving away Bonus coins on correctly answering 3 episodes correctly in March Supercoins Madness challenge. Join our Telegram Channel for instant updates


1. Fake Or Not Fake (S4E165) 

Q1: Mozzarella Cheese is traditionally made from goat milk.

Answer 1: Fake

Q2: Cold water freezes faster than hot water.

Answer 2: Fake

Q3: Eight of the ten tallest statues in the world are that of Buddha.

Answer 3: Not Fake

2. Aage Kya (E60) 

1. Dog Takes Beer From The Fridge

2. Girls Punch The Boy

3. First Girl Falls Down

3. Prize Wali Paathshala (S2E30) 

1. Afghanistan

2. Inertia

3. Marigold

4. Daam Sahi Hai (S2E20) 

Q1: Fill in the missing digits, The MRP of LuvLap Cozy Convertible Car Seat for baby & kids is ₹ 114__

Answer 1: 11499 – Add 9, 9

Q2: What is the MRP of HP W300 Webcam?

Answer 2: Greater Than 4500

Q3: What product am I?

Answer 3: FK SmartBuy 10000mAh PowerBank

5. Ladies Vs Gentleman (S1E16) 

Q1: What % of men feel that women are bad drivers?

Answer 1: 30%

Q2: What % of people believe that women want to settle down with a rich man only?

Answer 2: 40%

Q3: What % of people have taken advantage of an empty lift?

Answer 3: 60%

6. Kaun? Who Did It? (S2E05) 

Answer : Hemant L

7. Daily Trivia Answers : CCACB

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Contest All Answers 26 May 

Q1: Who sang the ‘Tu Mili Sab Mila’ from the film Meeruthiya Gangsters?

Answer 1: C- Suresh Raina

Q2: in which state are the Dempo, Salgaocar and Churchill Brothers football clubs based?

Answer 2: C – Goa

Q3: who is the 1st India Batsmen to hit a century in all formats of International cricket?

Answer 3: A- Suresh Raina

Q4: Which team won the 2019 Men’s FIH Pro League final by defeating Belgium?

Answer 4: C- Australia

Q5: The 2023 Rugby World Cup will be hosted by which country?

Answer 5:  B – France

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