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Amazon Zandu Immunity Quiz Answers to Win Rs.10k Pay Balance

Question 1: Which of the following are immunity boosters ?

Answer 1: All of them

Question 2: What is Chyawanprash good for ?

Answer 2: All of them

Question 3: One spoon of chyawanprash has how many calories?

Answer 3: Less than 50

Question 4: What are the Raw benefits of consuming honey?

Answer 4: Both 1 & 2

Question 5: One spoon of honey has how many calories?

Answer 5: Less than 75

Amazon HEALTH & HYGIENE Quiz All Answers to Win  Rs.10000

Question 1: As per WHO recommendation, how long should individuals scrub their hands while washing them?

Answer 1: 20 seconds

Question 2: While washing your hands, what parts of your hand should you lather up with soap?

Answer 2: All of the above

Question 3: Which of the following should not be cleaned using disinfectant sprays?

Answer 3: Pets

Question 4: Cleaning with a household disinfectant cleaner reduces germs on surfaces and decreases risk of infection.

Answer 4: True

Question 5: What does a laundry sanitizer do?

Answer 5: All of the above

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