Amazon Pictionary Quiz and Win Rs 5000 Amazon Pay Balance. Total 5 Prizes that will be given under this contest. The Prizes will be delivered to the winner on or before  30th August, 2021 Contest Ends on  2nd July

Amazon Pictionary Quiz All Answers to Win  Rs.5000

Q1: What’s the name of this painting, by Johannes Vermeer?

Answer: (C) Girl with Pearl Earrings

Q2: Who is the famous Artist who made this painting ‘the starry night’?

Answer: (D) Vincent Van Gogh

Q3: Which time period in the history is this painting from?

Answer: (C) Renaissance

Q4: Which medium M F Hussain used to make the painting ‘Horses’?

Answer: (D) Coal or chalks

Q5: What was the Name of the famous Indian painter who made this painting ‘Shakuntala’ ?

Answer: (A) Raja Ravi Verma

Amazon Quiz about your vehicle Quiz Answers Win – Rs.20000 Pay Balance

Q1: Which part is used to stop the motion of a vehicle?

Answer: 1 (A) Brakes

Q2:  What is called the heart of a vehicle?

Answer 2: (A) Engine

Q3: In India, on which side of the road should you drive on?

Answer 3: (B) Left

Q4: Is it mandatory to get insurance for your vehicle?

Answer 4: (A) Yes

Q5: Which kind of insurance plan can you buy for insuring your vehicle?

Answer 5: (C) Both

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