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1. Which of the following numbers is divisible by 11

Answer : a) 1221

2. Which of the following is the square of an even number?

Answer : b) 324

3. If 28 people can do a piece of work in 65 days, how many people can do it in 35 days?

Answer : c) 52

4. A grand father is ten times older than his grandson. He is then also 54 years older than him. What is the sum of their present ages?

Answer : a) 66 years

5. The four angles of a quadrilateral are in the ratio 2:3:5:8. Then what is the difference between largest and smallest angle of the quadrilateral?

Answer : d) 120°

6. Muscular force and friction force are _

Answer : a) Contact Forces

7. A metal which exists in liquid state _______.

Answer : b) Mercury

8. Which of these is not a fungus?

Answer : a) Virus

9. Dodo is a/an ______ species

Answer : b) Extinct

10. The hottest planet in the solar system is _______.

Answer : c) Venus 

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