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GREAT FREEDOM FESTIVAL All Answers to Win ₹50,000

Question 1. The Great Freedom Festival is on _______ dates on Amazon .

Answer: August 5th to 9th

Question 2. Which bank offers 10% instant discount during the Great Freedom Festival?

Answer: SBI Bank

Question 3. How many fashion styles do you get to choose from on Amazon fashion during Great Freedom festival?

Answer: 40 lakh+

Question 4. Which of the following category is going to have 60- 80% discount during the great freedom festival ?

Answer: All of the above

Question 5. You can get up-to additional ____ cashback on certain products during the Great Freedom festival.

Answer: Rs.500

Amazon 3 August, 2021 GREAT FREEDOM FESTIVAL  Quick Answer & Win ₹50,000

{1} = August 5th to 9th ---(B)

{2} = SBI Bank ---(A)

{3} = 40Lakh+ ---(C)

{4} = All of the above ---(D)

{5} = Rs.500 ---(C)

Amazon Olympics Edition Quiz Answers: 

Q1: Guess this women weightlifter who recently won Silver medal in Tokyo Olympics
Ans: Saikhom Mirabai Chanu

Q2: Who is the first Indian Fencing player to win a match at Olympics?
Ans: Bhavani Devi

Q3: When were the first recorded Olympics held ?
Ans: 776 BC

Q4: Which Indian women Gymnast is going to represent India in Tokyo Olympics?

Ans: Pranati Nayak

Q5: Which among the following sports made its debut at Olympics 2020?
Ans: Karate

Amazon Credit card Bill Quiz Answers: 

Q1: Can you pay your credit card bill on Amazon?
Ans: Yes

Q2: The CIBIL maintains the record of the credit score in India. What is the full form of CIBIL?
Ans: Credit Information Bureau of India Limited

Q3: If you have a higher credit score, lenders would consider your profile at a _____ risk. Fill in the blanks
Ans: Lower

Q4: Which of these is a way to maintain good credit history?
Ans: All of these

Q5: Can you pay your credit card bill using Amazon Pay UPI?
Ans: Yes

Amazon Quality Verified Quiz Answers

Q1: What is the name of the program that gives you a worry-free furniture buying experience?
Ans: Quality Verified

Q2: Which of the following is NOT a part of Quality Verified program?
Ans: Clothes

Q3: Which of the following are benefits of Quality Verified program for Furniture?
Ans: All of the above

Q4: XX+ products are Quality Verified:
Ans: 6,000

Q5: What all are protected against under Quality Verified?
Ans: All of the above

Amazon Samsung Galaxy M21-2021 Quiz


Q1: What is the camera setup on the Galaxy M21 2021 Edition?
Ans: 48MP Triple camera

Q2: What is the battery capacity of the Galaxy M21 2021 Edition?
Ans: 6000 mAh

Q3: What is the industry-leading display technology on the Galaxy M21 2021 Edition?
Ans: Super AMOLED

Q4: What is the screen size of Galaxy M21 2021 Edition?
Ans: 6.4 Inches

Q5: What is the screen resolution of Galaxy M21 2021 Edition?
Ans: FHD+

Amazon Pay Later Quiz Answers

Q1: Which of these things would you need to do while paying with Amazon Pay Later?
Ans: None of These

Q2: Which of these documents is necessary to sign up for Amazon Pay Later?
Ans: PAN

Q3: How fast can someone sign up for Amazon Pay Later?
Ans: 60 seconds

Q4: Which of these are benefits of setting up the auto repayment on Amazon Pay Later?
Ans: Both of these

Q5: You can avail EMIs with Amazon Pay Later on orders greater than
Ans: Rs 3000

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