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Amazon Colgate Vedshakti Quiz All Answers

Question 1: What Is Oil Pulling?

Answer:  (B) Recommended in Ayurvedic scriptures, Oil Pulling is a morning ritual that involves swishing oil in your mouth to deep clean and detoxify

Question 2: What’s the correct way to practice Oil Pulling?

Answer: (A) Take 1 spoonful of the oil blend, swirl in the mouth for 2-3 minutes (up to 10mins if comfortable) and spit it out

Question 3: What are the benefits of Colgate Vedshakti Oil Pulling?

Answer: (D) All of the above

Question 4: How many natural ayurvedic oils does Colgate Vedshakti Oil Pulling contain?

Answer: (A) 5

Question 5: Colgate Vedshakti Oil Pulling does NOT contain which of the following ingredients?

Answer: (C) Mustard Oil

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