Show off your Ice Cream love with your unique talent! The position of our Chief Tasting Officer #CoolestWFHJob brings you the opportunity to interact with Chef Ranveer Brar, win ₹50,000, and free Ice Cream for 1 year, all from the comfort of your home. To participate, visit the link in our bio. We choose the new Chief Tasting Officers. Congratulations! Sounds like your kind of summer job? Get started here

Create a 60 second video (or less) entry about your love for Ice Creams. It could be a song/dance/recipe/vlog/reel/written piece/art or any talent that makes you unique.  Upload your entry in above link  You can also post it on your social media, asking your friends and followers to apply as well  Coolest WFH Job is our quest to find the biggest Ice Cream lover out there, someone who walks, talks and breathes Ice Creams. It is a job that makes you a part of our Ice Cream creation process and expects no experience; just a lot of love for Ice Creams and the talent to show it off. 

Aside from the prize money of ?50,000/- , we offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with some of the best culinary minds in the country. Your skills are of utmost importance to us & we guarantee that your time & efforts will be equivalently compensated for.

Your video entry is your opportunity to tell us about your unique self, your love for Ice Creams and what makes you the most deserving candidate. We’re looking for entertaining videos made in the stipulated time limit of 1 minute. You could sing, dance, paint, vlog, cook, click… do anything you want in your video to convince us that you would go to any length to flaunt your love for Ice Creams. The quirkier, the better Do remember, the video entry must be posted with the hashtag #CoolestWFHJob.

Every ice-cream lover deserves a fair chance at becoming our next Chief Tasting Officer. Hence, the duration of 1 minute is applicable to all. No exceptions. Nonetheless, it’s your shot at showing us just how creative you can get within the time limit. Good luck! All the selected winners will be informed about their role prior to the finale by us.

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