‘Cycle Heritage Quiz’ 2021 takes great pride in our country’s heritage and culture and have centered our company’s mission and vision around the same. Hence, we created the ‘Cycle Heritage Quiz’ with the objective of imparting the wisdom and timeless values of our rich 5000-year old heritage to the students of this generation. ENTRY is free for all students from Class 7 - 10 


Schedule of Cycle Heritage Quiz 2021

Registration Open 15th August - 31st October 2021
Prelims Round 12th - 19th November 2021
Cluster Finals 26th November to 4th December 2021
Quarter-Finals 8th - 10th December 2021
National Semi-Finals 14th December 2021
CHQ 2021 Finals 18th December 2021
Be a part of the rich heritage of India.


Champions : Apple iPhone 11+ and Cycle Coupons
Runners up : Apple iPad 10.4 Inch
2nd Runners up : Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite
4th, 5th & 6th prizes : Samsung Galaxy M31

Rules of Participation for Cycle Heritage Quiz 2021

1.This quiz is open to students of classes VII - X..This is an individual event. Participants should register as individuals.

3.Any number of students can participate from a single school..The quiz would be held in 5 stages.

5.Stage 1 is a preliminary round that would take place on our online platform.

6.In stage 1, participants would have to take part in 4 multiple choice quizzes of 20 questions each.

7.2 of those quizzes would be general quizzes on Indian heritage.

8.2 of the quizzes would be based on the region/cluster to which participants will be allocated.

9.Cluster detail of the participant will be communicated to each of the participants by email.

10.The total score of the 4 preliminary quizzes would be taken into account for qualification for Cluster Finals..The top 6 in the preliminary rounds for each Cluster would qualify for the Cluster Finals. In the case of ties, the participant who completes the 4 quizzes in the least combined time would be considered.

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