If you use your PC a lot, it is advisable to invest in a VPN service. It is an essential utility that you need to allow you to send data across different networks, both private and public. Other benefits include securing your data and enhancing browsing speeds.

In this review, our focus is on iTop VPN, which battles for the distinction as the best free VPN for Windows. When you use it, you can feel that it lives up to its name of being the top. Let us look at what this PC tool has to offer.

Features of ITop VPN

The vast array of features that iTop VPN contributes to its greatness. Highlighted below are some of them.

It Is Freeware

ITop is a free VPN service; thus, you do not have to pay to use it. Compared to most VPN services, iTop stands tall as it has impressive qualities, all for free. There are premium plans, which will unlock more goodies for you.

User-Friendliness and Versatility

Using this tool is very straightforward, requiring you first to download and install it, then launch it. When downloading it, you pick the version suitable for your device. Here is where you experience its versatility.

There is a version for the Windows operating system compatible with older and newer versions. Also, there is a mobile version that you can install on your Android or iOS device.

Still, on flexibility, iTop supports various payment channels when you want to sign up for premium plans.

Global Presence

This freeware is available in several countries, roughly 100. It gets support from 1800+ servers set in different parts of the world. Its global presence allows for access to geo-restricted platforms. Moreover, you can use it anytime, regardless of where you are.

Customer Support

If you have a problem using iTop VPN, there is a customer support center to help you out. The support team is available 24/7, with fast response. You can reach them via Facebook or by submitting a ticket.

Fast Browsing

The other excellent thing about iTop VPN is that it boosts your browsing speeds up to ten times faster. With this utility, you do not have to worry about buffering and lagging pages.

The Affiliate Program

If you own a website or a blog, iTop gives you a chance to earn through its affiliate program. You will have the VPN’s banners on your site, and any generative click guarantees you a commission.


  • Easy to use.

  • The tool works with many operating systems.

  • Reasonably priced premium plans.

  • The VPN boosts your browsing speeds, secures your device, and allows access to restricted platforms.

  • An affiliate program gives you a chance to increase your earnings.

  • A reliable customer support team that is available round the clock.


  • The free version is not available for Mac operating system.


From the review, we can see that this VPN for Windows is an excellent tool. It gives you plenty of resources to enjoy, with the assurance of security. For fast and secure browsing, download iTop VPN to your PC.

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