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Answer 1. Each spiral in the sculpture symbolizes one part of our mind i.e., the lower conscious, id, the higher conscious, superego, and the conscious, ego. The entire narrative in the sculpture is about how they all work together to evolve as a kutumb (community). The spine becomes thinner as they go higher, symbolizing focus. The spikes on each of the spines symbolize the different thoughts that we start with and it keeps becoming smaller as we go up, finally merging into the spine and thus becoming one with the kutumb.

Answer - 2. The left side representsa àthe ' Past ' impressions.

Answer 3. India's Unity is compared to the strong roots and huge structure of a Banyan tree which provides shelter to many different kinds of animals and birds; the same way India accommodates a huge diversity in a strong democracy.

Answer 4. The inspiration is drawn from the game CHESS in the design Chaturanga.

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