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The Quiz is open to school students in Grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 only. The Quiz is open to Indian Nationals only The Quiz is open till midnight of 17th September 2021. The prize is non transferrable and can be claimed on producing valid ID proofs. Prizes shown are indicative. Final color / design / model and are subject to availability. Participation in this contest is purely voluntary. No additional fee is charged to participate in this contest. No purchase is necessary for participating in the Competition

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1. On which day of the week, Greta Thunberg started 'School Strike for Climate'?

2. How many types of biomes are there?

3.The Earth Summit, which formed the framework for sustainable development goals was attended by how many countries

4. Due to Climate Change, the global sea level has increased by

5.Which insect has the widest wingspan

6.Worldwide, all nations are trying to reduce their emissions to prevent climate change. These efforts are known as

7. Which of the following material can be composted

8. Which is of these is a species of Carp and is one of the earliest fish to be domesticated by humans

9.Which greenhouse gas is produced by landfills

10. People have been concerned about the rise in carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, the result of human activity, since what period of time

Which of the following animal is known for its ability to use tools similar to human beings

Which of the following is not a consequence of waste elimination

The United States has only 5% of the global population and yet responsible for how much percent of world's carbon emissions

Beauty, a bald eagle in Idaho whose beak was shot off by a hunter was helped by

Vandana Shiva is well known for her campaigning against

What are firefly females without wings called

Which economic sector is the biggest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions

 In Alaskan coasts, shoals of which marine fish species become food for many animals in the onset of spring

Which statement about kangaroos is true

In Biotechnology, mass culturing of cells/microbes can be acheived by using

Which large marine mammals are sometimes referred to as 'sea cows'?

What does the number inside the recycling symbol mean?

A hawk flies down and eats the snake, slithering on the ground. What is happening here?

As per data in 2019, which country is the biggest polluter in the world

Which of the following once extinct animal in India(for about 70 years) is planned to be reintroduced from a different continent by wildlife authorities after being agreed by the Supreme Court?

A tick sucks blood from a dog. In this relationship, the tick is the _________ and the dog is the _______

Barnacles growing on the back of the whale is an example for

What is it called when all birds fly together and change direction together, especially starlings

Which shark species prefer to hunt in darkness

Where is world's biggest wind farm?

Which environmentalist couple founded 'Tiger Research and Conservation Trust (TRACT)' which works on wild tigers within and beyond central India landscape

In 1988, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established which provide governments at all levels with scientific inform to develop climate policies. This panel was created by which two organizations?

Yellow and red-billed hornbills enjoy a relationship with the dwarf mongoose. These species can often be found foraging together. Name the type of association

Which of the following is not a type of Rewilding?

When it comes to waste management, what is the order of the three R’s?

Which ecological report was back in news headlines after the flooding and landslides in Kerala and karnataka in 2019

Javed Payen, also known as the Forest man of India helped to save which of these following Island from erosion by planting trees

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