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Amazon Festival Edition Quiz Answers

Q1) Who wrote the great epic Ramayana?

Answer: Valmiki

Q2) Dussehra is also known as?

Answer: Vijayadashami

Q3) In which the state of India, Dussehra festival is celebrated with the parade of elephants?

Answer: Karnataka

Q4) According to Hindu mythology Ramayana, which Puja is performed by Lord Rama to win over Ravana?

Answer: Durga Puja

Q5) Name the weapon used by Lord Rama to kill Ravana in the battle fought at Lanka?

Answer: Brahmastra

English Version:

Q1) Which of the following is the largest continent in the world?

Answer: Asia

Q2) Jagannath Bidyadhar Mohapatra was appointed as the interim Chairman of which organization?

Answer: Central Board of Direct Taxes

Q3) Who wrote the book ‘The Bird of Time’?

Answer: Sarojini Naidu

Q4) Who is called the Frontier Gandhi?

Answer: Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Q5) Ranji Trophy is associated with which sport?

Answer: Cricket

Q6) Which one of these animals is jawless?

Answer: Myxine

Q7) Shantiniketan is situated in which city of India?

Answer: Kolkata

Q8) Who is the head of the GST council?

Answer: Nirmala Sitharaman

Q9) Who is incharge of NAPCC?

Answer: PM’S Council on Climate Change

Q10) Which of the following music form is performed at Sufi Shayari or dargahs?

Answer: Qawwali

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