October 2021 - Flipkart Video Quiz All Answers win Assured rewards

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1. Fake Or Not Fake (S4E302) Play Here

1. Not Fake

2. Not Fake

3. Not Fake

2. Daam Sahi Hai (S2E157) Play Here

1. 3299

2. 2998

3. Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

1. 17900

2. Option 1

3. OnePlus 7YT

1. Greater Than 15000

2. 45899

3. 18675

3. Sirf Ek Minute (S1E87) Play Here

1. Robin Hood

2. TVS (Option 1)

3. Blue Java

4. 11

5. Karnataka

6. Argentina

4. Kya Bolti Public (S4E31) Play Here

1. Sunrise

2. 70-80%

3. Yes

Dainik Bhaskar Quiz Answers Today 10th October 2021

Question 1. विवेकानंद स्मारक कहां पर स्थित है ?

Answer: कन्याकुमारी

Question 2. खेल दिवस किस दिन मनाया जाता है?

Answer: 29 अगस्त

Question 3. इनमें से कौन सी फसल रबी की नहीं है?

Answer: मूंगफली

Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers 

Q1: Which one do people prefer

Answer 1: Sunrise

Q2: What percent of people believe that green tea can help you lose weight

Answer 2:  70-80%

Q3: Do people put their shopping plans on hold to shop at a sale

Answer 3: yes [Option 1] 

S1E87 Answers: The Wall Of India

Q1: In Dabanng what nickname does Chulbul Pandey give himself?

Answer 1: Robin Hood

Q2: Which Indian automobile manufacturer has a red horse as part of its logo?

Answer 2:  TVS

Q3: Which of these is not a variety of rice?

Answer 3: Blue Java

Q4: According to a popular dialogue the police of how many countries are

Answer 4:  11

Q5: Which state did Rahul Dravid represent in Ranji Trophy cricket?

Answer 5:  Karnataka

Q6: The football legend Diego Maradona played for which country?

Answer 6: Argentina

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