October 2021 - Flipkart Video Quiz All Answers win Assured rewards

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1. Fake Or Not Fake (S4E30n5) Play Here

1. Fake

2. Not Fake

3. Not Fake

2. Daam Sahi Hai (S2E160) Play Here

1. 2499

2. Greater Than 30000

3. 13834

3. Sirf Ek Minute (S1E90) Play Here

1. Jayalalithaa

2. V

3. Chanel

4. Newton

5. Singapore

6. 1996

4. Kya Bolti Public (S4E34) Play Here

1. 60-70%

2. Kiara Advani 

3. Love Marriage

Dainik Bhaskar Quiz 59 Answers Today 13th October 2021

Question 1. इनमें से किस स्थान पर शंकराचार्य द्वारा स्थापित मठ नहीं है?

Answer: वाराणसी

Question 2. गुरु गोविंद सिंह ने खालसा पंथ की स्थापना किस ईस्वी में की थी?

Answer: 1699

Question 3. अकबर के दीन ए इलाकी धर्म को स्वीकार करने वाला एकमात्र हिंदू राजा कौन था ?

Answer: बीरबल

S1E90: India Ka Newton

Q1: Kangana Ranaut is portraying which politician in the movie Thalaivi?

Answer 1:  J. Jayalalitha

Q2: Birds often fly in the formation of which of these letters to save energy?

Answer 2:  V

Q3: Which of these brands is named after a woman?.

Answer 3: Option 1 (Chanel)

Q4: The name of who among these is also the title of a movie starring Rajkumar Rao?

Answer 4:  Newton

Q5: Which of these is a city as well a country?

Answer 5:  Singapore

Q6: In which of these years did India have three prime ministers?

Answer 6:  1996

S2E160: Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Q1: What is the MRP of realme q2 buds Bluetooth headset?

Answer 1:  2499 

Q2: Is the MRP of life smart robot et and dry vacuum mopping cleaner greater than or less than 30000?

Answer 2:  Greater Than 30000 

Q3: Fill in the missing digits the MRP of the delite com wall mounted shoes rack is 1-3?

Answer 3: 13834 

Binance Learn and Earn SOL Quiz All Answers

Q1) What is the average cost of a transaction on Solana?

Answer: $0.0003

Q2) Solana is a ______

Answer: Layer 1 Blockchain with a single shard

Q3) What is a major benefit for developers on Solana?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) USDC-spl and USDT-spl are available on Solana as

Answer: Native tokens

Q5) Which of following best describes Solana?

Answer: All of the above

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