October 2021 - Flipkart Video Quiz All Answers win Assured rewards

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1. Fake Or Not Fake (S4E310) Play Here

1. Not Fake

2. Not Fake

3. Not Fake

2. Daam Sahi Hai (S2E165) Play Here

1. 31999

2. Oliveware Containers Lunch Box

3. False

3. Kya Bolti Public (S4E39) Play Here

Q1) Can you match your current signature with your first signature?

Answer: Yes

Q2) What would you rather be?

Answer: Cricketer

Q3) What percent of people prefer travelling solo?

Answer: 70% – 80%

4. Ladies vs Gentlemen (S2E03) Play Here

Q1) What % men think they are better in decision making roles than women?

Answer: 60% 

Q2) What % of people believe that after committing to a relationship men disappear more than women?

Answer: 60%

Q3) What % of women feel that if man does housework he ends up increasing her workload?

Answer: 60% 

5. Sirf Ek Minute (S1E95) Play Here

Q1) Which of these is not a Hyundai car?

Answer: Corolla

Q2) How do we better know the wrestler Dalip Singh Rana?

Answer: The Great Khali

Q3) Which of these cities does not have an IIT?

Answer: Bengaluru

Q4) Which of these cannot travel through space?

Answer: Sound

Q5) Which director hosts he reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi since 2017?

Answer: Option 3

Q6) How many centuries did Rohit Sharma score in the 2019 World Cup?

Answer: Five (5)

Dainik Bhaskar Quiz 64 Answers Today 18th October 2021

Question 1. महाभारत के नायक अर्जुन के पितामह कौन थे?

Answer: विचित्रवीर्य

Question 2. भारत का राष्ट्रपति फिर निर्वाचन के लिए कितनी बार खड़ा हो सकता है?

Answer: कितनी भी बार (सही उत्तर विकल्प में नहीं है)

Question 3. ब्रह्मपुत्र नदी का बहाव क्षेत्र क्या है?

Answer: तिब्बत-बांग्लादेश-भारत

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