Rules For the Game Every day, for the next 7 days based on each Ramayana Kanda the quiz will start containing contains 5 questions. You have 60 seconds to answer them. Complet the questionnaire. Don’t worry if you gave the wrong answer. You can participate the next day and win the prize. At the end of of 7 days, based on the leaderboard winners will be shortlisted Win handsome prizes worth of 2 Lakhs with NFTs, T-Shirt, Mug, Dairy and many More. Test your knowledge of the Ramayana and let  the teachings of Lord Rama guide you on the path of victory.

Q1 forest where Lord Rama, Lakshmana and Goddess Sita stayed during their exile

Answer - Dandakaranya

Q2. This demon used to live in the sea near Lanka and used to drag the flying creatures and eat them mandodari

Q3. Who founded the city of Madhurapuri

Q4. Name of that lake, which was one yojan long and so wide

Q5. name of the method of neutralizing the weapon fired by the enemy 

Answer Rabhas

Who was the Maharishi who predicted the sad life of Shri Ram 

Answer Dhurvasa 

What was the name of the mountain which was churned by making the ocean churning

Answer Mandarchal

What color was Mother Sita wearing during her exile?

Answer Yellow

Now outside of Ravan's palace, one of the demonesses loved Sita like her daughter. Who was she  ?

Answer Trijatha

After she gave birth to Luv and Kush, Sita was unknowingly visited by Satrughna. Satrughna also helped name the twins. Where was Satrughna going?

How many couplets are there in the Uttara Kand of Ramcharitramanas?

Which queen of King Dasharatha used to participate in the war with him? 

Which queen of King Dasharatha used to participate in the war with him?

In Ramayana, there are 7 KANDAS as below

  • Bala Kanda which explains Birth and childhood of Lord Rama 
  • Ayodhya Kanda which explains Dasaradha Court and the Dialogues between Dasaradha, Kaikeyi.
  • Aranya Kanda which explains the 14 years of Forest life and Ravana’s abduction of sita.
  • Kishkindhya Kanda which explains the search of sita in Kishkindha and Slaying of Bali.
  • Sundara Kanda which explains the arrival of Lord Rama and his allies into the Lanka.
  • Yuddha Kanda which explains Ravana’s defeat, Recovery of Sita, Returning of Rama to The Ayodhya and Coronation of Rama.
  • Uttara Kanda which is the last and explains the exile of sita, Birth of Lava-Kusa, returning of Sita to Earth and ascension of Rama into Heaven. 

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