6 Lakhs will be up for grabs, and all of you are entitled to win It’s that simple. The higher the number of organic views of your blogs or vlogs, the higher YOUR share of the 6 Lakhs you will receive. Share your blogs, 100 word stories and vlogs with your network of friends, family and social groups to get ORGANIC PAGE VIEWS between 15th Nov to 15th Dec 2021. You can also reshare your blogs, 100 word stories and vlogs published before the 15th Nov 2021 to increase these organic views. Earn a share of the 6 Lakhs, based on YOUR contribution to the TOTAL organic page views

The leaderboard shows the names of the leading creators based on the current organic views gained in the period 15th Nov and 15th Dec 2021. This is updated daily but not in realtime. The money calculator is only an indicator of expected winnings, based on the assumption that the total number of organic views on the platform is the same as the last month. Actual winnings may vary depending on a host of factors. Momspresso does not guarantee the accuracy of the estimated winnings and will not be liable for any reliance on estimated winnings. Payouts will depend on the calculation of the actual winnings only.The payouts will be made within 90 days of completion of the program All payouts will be made through your MyMoney account

The payments /will be collectively made for blogs, 100 word stories and vlogs if you are a creator of all or any two although they will be computed separately for all three formats and will show separately on the app.Separate monies for bloggers, 100 word story writers and vloggers - The number of the creators on the platform currently is divided in this ratio 4:1:1 for bloggers, 100 word story writers and vloggers and the payout is similar to this

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