Answer simple questions about Rajasthan, industrial & investment environment of the State and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

 Answer all 10 questions on each level in Invest in Rajasthan Quiz Total 3 Levels with Total 10 Questions. It is necessary to play all three levels to be able to win lucky draw prizes. Mega, 2nd and 3rd place prizes Lucky win Car, and others prizes.  list of consolation prize winners will be given every week on the web application of the quiz. The winners will be contacted through SMS on their respective mobile numbers. To win the Mega, 2nd and 3rd place prizes, the participant is required to register for the quiz and answer all the questions in all the three levels. Selection of winners Based on the tool will be done from among all the players who get the most points. The competition is being organized by the Bureau of Investment Promotion Department, Government of Rajasthan eontest Ends 20th January, 2022 Winners will be announced on Jan 21, 2022

In terms of Geographical Area, approximately what percentage of the area of India is covered by Rajasthan?

Answer 10%

Which city of Rajasthan is a part of the 'Golden Triangle' of Tourism in India? 

Answer Jaipur

Which city of Rajasthan is known as the Marble City of India? 

Answer Kishangarh 

Rajasthan is the largest producer of the following yarn in India: 

Answer Wool

The Highway Network of Rajasthan is 

Answer 3rd Largest highway

Rajasthan is one of the most progressive states in the country in which of these reforms

Answer All of the above

Rajasthan is the largest producer of which food grain in India

Answer Wheat

Rajasthan is an ideal destination for Solar Energy projects because it enjoys as many as _____ sunny days in a year

Answer 320+

The most popular tiger reserves in Rajasthan are 

  • Sariska Tiger Reserve (STR) and Ranthambore Tiger Reserve (RTR)

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