How To Participate in Binance Wizard Challenge Quiz?

1) First create your account on Binance >> ENTER HERE

2) Tap on login/register and register on Binance with your valid mobile/email id.

3) Go to account settings and complete your KYC (mandatory to get rewards). 

4) Now visit here and register yourself for Binance Wizard Round 2 Challenge.

5) After registration take quiz here and submit your Binance UID and answers.

6) Winner will be chosen via the award selection rules based on Binance chain hash value.

7) Top 1st to null participants with highest scores each win a super wizard NFT & 10 BUSD.

8) Top 21st to 50th participants each will win 3 BUSD.

9) The BUSD & NFT rewards for each quiz will be distributed within 2 weeks after the activity ends. 

Binance Wizard Challenge Round 2 Quiz All Answers

Do your research & recheck the answers before submitting it, these answers are just for reference purpose only.

Q1) To make and facilitate transactions in the metaverse environment, what would you typically need?

Answer: Metaverse Tokens

Q2) Which of the following statements about Binance Recurring Buy is incorrect?

Answer: Recurring Buy allows you to choose daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly subscription plans

Q3) Which of the following investment strategies should you adopt in a bear market?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of recurring investment?

Answer: Time the market

Q5) Which of the following tokens is NOT a metaverse token?

Answer: Terra (LUNA)

Q6) Which of the following actions is strongly unrecommended during a bear market?

Answer: Panic sell-off

Q7) Recurring investments ensure that you invest with discipline regardless of market conditions, allowing you to focus on long-term crypto accumulation.

Answer: Yes

Q8) Owner of a virtual land in the metaverse will be able to:

Answer: All of the above

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