FREE PUER Home Care Kit Contains
  • PUER Liquid Detergent - your apparels’ best friend
  • PUER Fabric Conditioner - makes your clothes feel clean and soft like fur!
  • With PUER Floor Cleaner - you are guaranteed clean and germ-free floors in seconds
  • With PUER Dishwashing Gel - washing utensils is now a cakewalk

Home Care Kit Free Samples – Get 4 Products For Free

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  • PUER Liquid Detergent (Intense Clean) | Fragrance – French Lavender: One of the most powerful liquid detergents, it has 2X stain actives, a blend of bioenzymes and natural surfactants. It can remove more than 30 types of stains without ruining the original color of clothes even after multiple washes. NEOFRESH Aroma Molecule eliminates mal odors of sweat, smoke and wet-fabrics.
  • PUER Fabric Conditioner| Fragrance – Jasmine Grandeur: Vegetable-derived solubility in this product ensure that the texture of fabric gets a new lease of life after every wash. It makes clothes softer and fluffier. It has anti-static cling property that ensure fabrics do not stick to the body. Malodour Control Technology kills bad odour and also locks in a beautiful fragrance of jasmine in the fabric.
  • PUER Floor Cleaner | Fragrance: Floral Fresh:  must-have for every homes to keep floors not just clean, but germ-free too, irrespective of the floor types. This completely natural floor cleaner has a quick-drying formulation and delivers squeaky-clean floor without leaving behind any sticky residue behind.
  • PUER Dishwashing Gel | Fragrance: Zesty Lemon: Natural formulation of this product makes it perfect for dainty cutleries and sturdy everyday utensils. Power-packed with natural robust grease busters, surfactants and foam boosters, it ensure trouble-free removal of grease and oils. Powered by NEOFRESH Aroma Molecule, it removes strong food odour of fish, garlic & egg etc from utensils. PUER Dish washing Gel delivers squeaky-clean utensils, and is one of the best dish washing gels.

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