Participate In the Coinbase Quiz to Earn $3 MINA

1) Create your account on Coinbase >> ENTER HERE

2) Signup or login to your Coinbase account. Go to learn & earn section, there you will get all live quizzes.

3) Take the Learn & Earn Mina quiz and earn assured $3 worth of MINA.

Coinbase Learn & Earn Mina Quiz All Answers

Q1) What is Mina?

A. A lightweight blockchain that remains around 22kb even as it scales

B. A wallet where you can store your tokens

C. A website that allows you to privately access data

D. An application that loads very quickly

Answer: Option A

Q2) What are zkApps?

A. Privacy-preserving decentralized applications

B. A platform to build applications

C. Lines of code to enable Mina’s smart contracts

D. Very fast applications

Answer: Option A

Q3) What role does the MINA token play in the Mina blockchain?

A. It’s used for transaction fees, block rewards, and purchasing proofs in the Snarketplace.

B. The token doesn’t actually contribute to the blockchain, it’s additional

C. The token makes Mina lightweight

D. Participants in the Mina blockchain can only hold a fixed amount of MINA tokens

Answer: Option A

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