CoinMarketCap How To Web3 on BNB Chain Quiz Answers

1. Open Given Link in your Default Browser to Start Quiz. Solar Network Quiz Form

2.  Tap on Start Button to Start the Quiz.. Complete Captcha and Tap on Next Button and Agree Terms and Start the Quiz.

4. Enter your Registered Email Address with CoinMarketCap. If you are not registered then First Register on CMC and Get back to Quiz.

5. Enter your Binance User ID. Go to Binance > Profile > Copy your User ID.. Now You need to Complete Quiz by giving correct answers.

CoinMarketCap How To Web3 on BNB Chain Quiz


Q1) Celer cBridge is a protocol that

All of the above
Q2) Which is not true of cBridge?

The transfer fees go directly to the celer team
Q3) How many different blockchains and layer-2 rollups do cBridge support?

over 20
Q4) Which of the following exhibits typical Rook, Bishop, Queen user characteristics respectively?

aggressive, conservative and hodler
Q5) What does staking BNB Queen token earn in terms of yield?

2 & 3
Q6) Where is the CHESS token traded?

Binance / Pancakeswap
Q7) Why is Defi beneficial for individuals?All of the above
Q8) Why is Defi beneficial for institutions?Access to new & innovative financial instruments that were previously unavailable in traditional finance markets
Q9) What Defi products are provided by venus protocol?

All of the above
Q10) What are some of the disadvantages of a traditional centralized marketplace?

All of the above
Q11) What are the advantages of the pear marketplace?

All of the above
Q12) What are PearDAO’s token name and symbol?

Name: Pear DAO, Symol: PEX
Q13) What are the ways to earn yields with alpaca finance?

All of the above
Q14) Which of the following is true about leveraged yield farming with alpaca finance?

You can multiply your APYs up to 6x through leverage
Q15) Which of the following is true about alpaca’s market-neutral automated vault?

All of the above
Q16) How do you start to build your own metaverse world in secondlive?

By creating a space
Q17) Which one is not secondlive NFT?Avatar NFT
Q18) What is the total $LIVE rewards in SecondLive’s weekly staking pool?1,00,000 $LIVE
Q19) Which one is not an important characteristic of a great crypto game?Game with AR/VR technology
Q20) What is/are the token name(s) of TopGoal?TMT & GOAL
Q21) Who is not the target audience of TopGoal?

Console game players
Q22) What is the difference between an NFT and a non-NFT hero in Thetan Arena?

All of the above
Q23) What can players do on Thetan Arena’s Marketplace?

Both are correct
Q24) Is Thetan Arena free to play?

Yes, you can play for free as long as you want
Q25) In Galler, what is the name given for the priority mint of an NFT collection?

Q26) According to Galler’s tips, what are the “3 Main Metrics” you should analyze when it comes to NFT on-chain data?

Holders, supply & volume
Q27) What is the unique feature Galler has that helps users bid for the whole collection at once?Order book

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