How To Participate In Binance Learn & Earn?

1) Create a new account on Binance exchange >> ENTER HERE

2) Signup with your valid mobile number/email id and complete your KYC verification.

3) On the Binance app dashboard tap on learn & earn banner or directly visit here.

4) Binance learn & earn Thorchain quiz will go live on 2nd June 2022, 07:00 AM (UTC).

5) Earn assured RUNE (Thorchain) coins for free by completing the quiz.

All new KYC users registered from 2nd June 07:00 AM (UTC) onward will be eligible to participate in the program

Binance Learn & Earn THORChain Quiz All Answers

Q1) What is the native coin of THORChain?

Answer: RUNE

Q2) How many types of users are there in THORChain?

Answer: 4

Q3) What is the total supply of THORChain’s native coin? 

Answer: 500 million

Q4) What are the use cases of THORChain’s native coin?

Answer: Governance, incentivization, settlement & network security

Q5) How does THORChain secure its network?

Answer: Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Cosmos-SDK & Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS)

Q6) How would a BTC-to-ETH swap happen on THORChain?

Answer: Internally, there will be a BTC – RUNE swap, and then a RUNE to ETH swap

Q7) Which of the following statements is true?

Answer: RUNE is used to subsidize gas fees and reward Liquidity Providers and Node Operators

Q8) Who Secures The Network?

Answer: Node Operators

Q9) THORChain is a layer 2 DEX

Answer: False

Q10) What is the role of trader in the THORChain’s native ecosystem?

Answer: Function as an oracle to deliver data

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