How To Participate In Binance Learn and Trade Campaign ?

1) Signup or login to your Binance account >> ENTER HERE

2) Must complete your KYC verification which is mandatory for collecting rewards.

3) Accumulate a total trading volume of at least 580 RUNE across the eligible spot trading pairs (buys & sells).* Eligible RUNE spot trading pairs – RUNE/USDTRUNE/BUSDRUNE/BNBRUNE/ETHRUNE/BTC.

4) Take the learn & trade RUNE quiz and submit the correct answers.

5) Qualified users will share a $100,000 prize pool in $RUNE token vouchers. Activity period – 28th June 2022, 08:00 AM to 7th July 2022, 11:59 PM (UTC).

Binance RUNE Quiz All Answers

Q1) In what year was THORChain conceptualized?

Answer: 2018

Q2) How does THORChain maintain correct prices within its liquidity pools?

Answer: Arbitrage traders looking for assets that are mispriced between markets to make profits from the price differences

Q3) Liquidity providers enjoy impermanent loss (IL) protection of up to 100% after they have been in the pool for 100 days

Answer: True

Q4) Who can add liquidity to an existing pool?

Answer: Anyone

Q5) What assets can you swap in THORChain

Answer: Native L1 Assets

POSI Learn to Earn Quiz Answers

Question 1 – What are the characteristics of the Position Exchange Perpetual Trading Protocol?

Ans: Based on an underlying Index Price

Question 2 – Choose all trading pairs currently supported in Position Exchange.


Question 3 – What is the highest leverage of the Position Exchange Perpetual Trading Protocol?

Ans: 25

Question 4 – What are the advantages of a Stop-loss order?

Ans: Don’t need to monitor your holdings daily

Question 5 – What types of orders are available on Position Exchange Perpetual Trading Protocol?

Ans: Market order

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