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TCL Mini QLED LED Quiz Contest All Answer to Win BIG

Question 1: In 2022, TCL brings India’s ___ Mini LED 4K Google TV with ___ VRR (Variable Refresh Rate)

A. First, 120Hz
B. Second, 144Hz
Answer : C. First, 144Hz

Question 2: As the official sponsor of ______, the latest TCL Mini LED TV C835 equips with the industry highest ____ refresh rate, which provides better and smoother gaming experience to the game lovers.

A. Call of Duty, 120Hz
Answer: B. Call of Duty, 144Hz
C. Call of Duty, 60Hz

Question 3: Adopting cutting-edge technologies, the latest TCL Mini LED TV C835 wins ________

A. Multiple awards
B. ELSA award 2021
Answer: C. Reddot Winner 2022

Question 4: With ____ technology, the 2022 Mini LED TV enables five significant upgrades for realizing an ultimate picture quality.

Answer: A. Dolby Vision
B. New Generation Mini LED

Question 5: First Upgrade. Featuring ___ precision lighting control which gives 6,536 light control ranges, TCL brand new Mini LED TV can display richer colors and more picture details.

Answer: A. 16-bit
B. 14-bit
C. 12-bit

Question 6: Second Upgrade. With ____, which means the shape of halo emitted from the backlight is circular, the brand-new Mini LED TV enhances the viewing experience with less blooming and less jagged.

A. Round Halo
Answer: B. Square Halo
C. Oval Halo

Question 7: Third Upgrade. TCL Mini LED _____ reduces the traditional backlight delay on conventional Mini LED screens to about 1 Frame, which enables objects with high speed appears more clearly without displaying shadows.

A. Technology
Answer: B. Direct Drive

Question 8: Fourth Upgrade. ______ of Mini LEDs display same quality, It means the these TCL Mini LEDs have the same deviation in voltage, power, and light wavelength so that when TV displaying the single-color image is more uniform.
Answer: A. Thousands
B. Hundreds
C. Tens

Question 9: Fifth Upgrade. Mura is the gray patches or light dirt happen on LCD Panel which would let the screen looks dirty when displaying single-color image. With TCL Mini LED _________________ technology, which starts the demura from LED backlight, makes the picture more uniform when the TV displays single color, especially when watching the football game.

A. Backlight Precision
B. Backlight Enhancement
Answer: C. Backlight Demura

Question 10: All these significant improvements on TCL Mini LED TV technology offer a even better visual experience to users with _____, ______, ______, and _______

A. Greater Sound, Stronger Performance, Faster Navigation, Smoother Experience.
B. More Colors, Better Colors, Accurate Colors, Longer Lifespan
Answer: C. High & Precious Contrast, Less Blooming, High Brightness, Better Uniformity.

Winners will be selected randomly by a computer process that produces a verifiable random result from those valid entries received during the contest period. TCL India reserves all rights and their decision will be final and binding. The Quiz contest will be held from June 28, 2022, from 10:00:00 hrs (IST) to July 15, 2022, 23:59:59 hrs (IST) both days inclusive Contest ends 15th July 2022

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