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Amazon Quiz Today Questions All Answers

The Simorgh is a two-stage, liquid fueled space launch vehicle developed by which country?

Answer: Iran

Which is the “first festival in Asia” to be added to the ‘Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO?

Answer: Durga Puja

The Minsk Protocol is an agreement which sought to end war in which country?

Answer: Ukraine

In which country is the tree of this fruit the national tree?

Answer: Bangladesh

Which university of India has this animal in its symbol?

Answer: Delhi University

Short Answers: B, A, C, B, A

Amazon STARs Today Questions All Answers

What, literally meaning ‘archipelago’ in Javanese, is the new capital of Indonesia?

Answer: Nusantara

PN Panicker, whose statue was recently unveiled by the President, is known as the Father of what in Kerala?

Answer: Library Movement

Which Indian state recently saw the creation of 2 new districts, Pakyong and Soreng?

Answer: Sikkim

Which game from the show ‘Squid Game’ included this doll?

Answer: Red light, Green light

This structure is known as the _____ of the City in Auroville. Fill in the blanks

Answer: Soul

Short Answers: D, B, A, B, D

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